• Produce together

    The MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE Group provides constructors and equipment makers with solutions for major functional systems. It has put in place an ambitious and responsible long-term strategy, which has made the Group an essential source of added value in the automotive sector.

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  • Traditional values

    The MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE Group relies on its skilled and responsible workers (…)

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  • Locations throughout the world

    Based in the heart of Technic Vallée, in Haute Savoie, the MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE Group exports is able to export its skills, thanks to its locations both in France and internationally.

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  • Dynamic

    Like the bee in its logo, the Group wants to be a worker and be active (…)

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  • A dedicated group

    The choice of positioning, dedicated to the automotive sector, oriented towards strategic functions and adapted to the way the market is concentrated, is a source of technical and competitive savings for every customer and the whole of the sector.

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MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE offers high-tech solutions to the supply of technical components, complex sub-assemblies and complete ensembles, over 4 major strategical functions:

  • Turbo
  • Fluids
  • Transmission
  • Steering

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MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE puts in place a long term, ambitious and responsible industrial strategy, source of essential added value for the automobile industry. It aims at reinforcing its position of major sub-contractor in the automobile industry.

It’s vocation is to co-develop with its clients and improve and industrialize for them, all or part of, the functions on which they are positioned. It commits to manufacturing and supplying, at a international level and in the best conditions, optimized technical solutions adapted to their requirements.