EMT combines its technical expertise, its high knowledge in cutting, stamping and assembly and the manufacturing capacities of its Hungarian and Chinese facilities, in order to offer its clients a competitive answer with much added value.


EMT supplies the automobile equipment manufacturers and help them improve their turbo performances and thermal applications by using cutting and stamping techniques, according to highly automated processes.

  • Turbo (orders of turbo, rods, EGR valves, Rods, thermal valves, ball joint rods…)
  • Thermal applications (air-conditioning…)

Electricity & Industry

EMT designs and creates large series of high precision assembly parts for the industry.

Covered functions

  • Turbo / air-conditioning
  • Fluid management
  • Actuators and driveline parts for turbocharger parts
  • Cutting and stamping of parts for thermal exchangers
  • Impermeability inserts, water circulators…
  • Motor cooling, air-conditioning control
  • Assembly of sub-assemblies
  • Metallic inserts for over-molded parts in rubber (joints and shock absorbers)
  • Thermal compensators


Electrical components and for the industry
Stamped components for connectors
Parts for other industries on the basis of cutting and deep stamping in large series / precise tolerances

Automated packaging line
Automated cutting