Building, Industry, Domestic

EMT analyses your technical specifications, your desires in terms of accompaniment in studies, development, project piloting, prototyping and technical validations.

The suggested solutions, based on a high level of technical expertise in cutting, stamping and assembly, respect your requirements in terms of quality and technical-economical performance.

The manufacturing tooling is developed and carried out internally to ensure the expected quality and service.

EMT masters assembly and welding attachment techniques: TIG, laser welding…

Manufacturing is carried out on our sites in France, Hungary or China according to your expectations in geographical proximity. The Lean Manufacturing approach is widely deployed.

We serve all industries but more particularly:

  • Building: window components, opening and closing systems, rolling shutter components & mechanisms, electrical system components.
  • Industry: pump, pulley, supporting components and various components.
  • Domestic: heating system components, various components.