The industrial aproach

A dedicated group

MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE chose a positioning mainly dedicated to the Automobile industry and oriented strategic functions: Turbo – Fluid Management – Transmission – Steering.

This choice, adapted to the market’s concentration, is source of technical and competitive advantages for each client as well as for the whole of the industry.

A major sub-contracting group

MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE leads an ambitious industrial strategy, inscribed long term, that takes into account the evolutions of the automobile’s global economic situation and the needs of clients. It aims at reinforcing its position of major sub-contractor in the automobile industry. Its strategy for growth aims at five goals:

  • Manage the design and manufacturing of complex functional systems.
  • Answer to all technical, productive and competitive stakes.
  • Optimize the value chain, improve the global performance.
  • Perpetuate the development (investments, innovations, synergies…).
  • Develop the global proximity with Constructors and Equipment Manufacturers.

A co-development mission

Maike Automotive’s vocation is to co-develop with its clients and improve and industrialize for them, all or part of, the functions on which they are positioned. It commits to manufacturing and supplying, at a international level and in the best conditions, optimized technical solutions adapted to their requirements.

In order to do so, it mobilizes its subsidiaries’ technologies and high level of expertise, it innovates and it permanently invests with the goal of concretely satisfying the clients’ needs.

Levers for the answering of needs

Create, organize and develop to accompany the automobile Constructors and Equipment Manufacturers; MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE actions all levers likely to improve its clients’ satisfaction:

  • Technical skills.
  • Productive capacity.
  • Professional consistency.
  • Economical competitiveness.
  • Local manufacturing.
  • Direct relations with the manufacturing site(s).
  • Possibility of development.
  • Financial soundness.

High-tech solutions

Thanks to the permanent synergy between the Engineering Office, R&D and Manufacturing, MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE’s subsidiaries offer high-tech solutions to the supplying of technical components, complex sub-assemblies and complete ensembles, in 4 major strategical functions: