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A solid actor in the Automobile industry

The MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE group is part of the automobile industry long term. As a young, dynamic and ambitious group, it relies on competent and responsible staff members, experienced subsidiaries, a fluid organization and solid shareholding.

It defends the identity and the territorial anchoring of its subsidiaries and supports their development within its industrial strategy.

Collaborative practices

The group encourages each subsidiary to keep up its direct relations with its peers (sharing of experiences, synergy of skills…) and to be pro-active in its own development.

Demanding and confident with its staff members, the group expects an exemplary responsible professionalism from them and respects each and everyone’s skills and independence. Strong thanks to their commitment, it intends to offer a securing environment as well as durable perspectives. Pragmatic and loyal, it favors internal promotions to external recruitment and claims to technical managers who specifically know the manufacturing stakes.


Simple and traditional values

The group is founded on a technical culture that is fed by the desire to satisfy clients and animate through responsibility and confidence (Foundations). It recognizes and values exigency, skill, innovation, the fulfilling of commitments and the respect of others, loyalty and solidarity, listening skills and open-mindedness.

Job offers

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