The foundations


Founded by Barthélemy GONZALEZ and Philippe MALLET, MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE, a world-class actor in terms of mechanical sub-contracting in the automobile industry, positions itself mainly on the strategic segments:


High vitality

Just as its symbol, “the bee”, the MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE group is hard-working, collaborative, animated by a high level of vitality and organized in an efficient and transversal manner in which each and everyone knows and controls their role. The group’s productive dynamics fall under a large basis of expertise.

Its subsidiaries have high expertise. They implement the group’s strategic project and actively participate in its development.

Trust and responsibility

MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE cultivates trust and responsibility in all of its relations. Externally, especially with clients, it encourages pragmatic, sensible and durable professional relations and boasts listening qualities, professionalism and the respect of commitments.

In its internal organization, the group chooses to encourages direct connections between its departments or staff members and value critical openness and functional independence.