The means

Secured shareholding engaged long term

MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE relies on secured shareholding, engaged long term, which bestows it with the capacity of accompanying client projects, seizing development opportunities and investing in the productive tool.

The technical strength of pooling together

MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE rests on the technical anchorage of its subsidiaries and supports their activity in the long term. It stimulates the synergy of skills and ensures the consistency of any and all decisions made. Business units possess different technical skills that they pool together in order to optimize the studies of complex sub-assemblies, the testing and prototyping, the global performance of products (optimization of link product/function), the industrialization of functional systems…etc.

A competitive productive strength

With 45 000T of consumed material per year and more than 2 000 machines-tools, MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE masters large series manufacturing of components, sub-assemblies and complex systems. Material management, treatment processes, assembly technologies, industrialization, process automation, inspection, dedicated lines… its knowledge includes the whole of the manufacturing line in order to guarantee the best level of reliability and competitiveness

Organizational strength

Via its regional French sites and its establishments in Eastern Europe, India and China (Establishment), the MAIKE AUTOMOTIVE group spans out over more than 100 000 m2 covered.
Its 1 600 co-workers combine their skills in order to develop and produce the solutions targeted at satisfying the needs of Constructors and Equipment Manufacturers.